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Question 1: Battery icon turns red in the display

  1. Batteries are run down.
  2. Replace with new batteries.

Question 2: The unit doesn't power on

  1. Is the correct AC adaptor properly connected? Confirm the adaptor is connected. Never use any AC adaptor other than the adaptor specified (ACD-007A)
  2. Has the battery run down? Replace with new batteries. To reduce battery consumption, be sure to disconnect the plug connected to INPUT jack whenever the unit is not in use.
  3. Is the plug properly connected to the INPUT jack? Check the connection once again. The power will not turn on without a plug connected to the INPUT jack.

Question 3: No sound or volume is low

  1. Are the other devices properly connected? Check the connection once again.
  2. Could the MASTER level knob be turned down? Use the MASTER level knob to raise the output volume.
  3. Could the levels for EFX or EQ be too low? Use the parameter knobs to raise the levels.
  4. Is the volume turned down? Check the volume levels on any connected amp or mixer.
  5. Could the level have been lowered with the expression pedal? When the pedal is set to function, such as a volume pedal, sound is not output when the toe of the expression pedal is in the raised position.
  6. Is it in Tuner mode? In Tuner mode, the sound is muted.

Question 4: The Expression Pedal Switch cannot be turned on or off The Volume Pedal cannot reduce the Volume Completely

  1. Could the expression pedal be out of adjustment? Although the unit's expression pedal has been set for optimal operation at the factory, extended use and certain operating environments can result in the pedal going out of adjustment. Adjust the expression pedal.

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